Hopergy since its establishment in 2007, with its remarkable capacity forindependent innovation, integrating solar pv related product design, development, manufacture and sale as a whole, covering all sectors from residential, commercial, government departments to large power stations and other fields. We accommodate to the vast majority of customers by providing a full range of standard products and customized solar photovoltaic system solutions. Our goal is to provide affordable and quality renewable energy products and solutions on the basis of continuously creating value for our customers, and to contribute to the promotion of green energy worldwide. The international aim of Hopergy is to make our products and services closer to the needs of local customers by establishing branches around the world.

We are an innovative TEAM. With the change of market demand, we continue to develop innovative new products, adapt to market changes, to provide customers with high quality, low cost products.

Every Hopergy product begins life in our in-house engineering department. We design, test and iterate every aspect of our systems to ensure they’re more rigid and robust. Our engineers run extensive testing to optimize each and every system to provide longevity.

Equipped with state of the art production machinery, enables us to provide you with consistency and quality assurance throughout our product line.

We actively participate in major domestic and international solar energy exhibitions every year. Communicating with new and old customers to enhance cooperation and understand the cutting-edge development of the solar energy industry.